“MOST WANTED!” - Our furry family friends and the zany things they do!

Nancy Binger

 Hi, I’m Nancy Binger, author and illustrator of a new children’s book series about the zany behaviors of our pets, why they do the things they do, and how to keep them safe from harm.

In addition to the content within my books, I’ll be sharing with you even more stories and information I’ve learned along the way.  I hope you will share your stories with me too!

I’ve always loved animals, and originally thought I’d become a veterinarian.  During my second year of pre-veterinary studies at Ohio State University, I took a drawing class and met two instructors who changed the course of my life.  My fine arts professor and her teaching assistant took me aside and persuaded me to explore a career in another of the things I love – art.  Since then, I’ve spent my career working for and leading creative teams for major globally recognized retailers.

Now, years later, I’m fulfilling a lifelong dream – writing and illustrating a children's book series that combines my love for animals with my love for writing and illustrating. 


Introducing, “Most Wanted!”, a series designed to entertain, engage, and teach a young audience about the zany behaviors of our lovable pets and how to care for them.  “Most Wanted! The Sock Thief” is the first book in the series.  It’s about a pup who likes to steal his family’s socks.  “Most Wanted! The Sock Thief” recently won a Purple Dragonfly First Place children’s book award. 

The second book, new this fall, is “Most Wanted! The Ball Bandit”.  It’s about a lovable 90-pound Goldendoodle who likes to take other dogs’ balls and toys, even if they’re too small for him. 

Not wanting to leave out any cat-fans, the third book in the series is titled “Most Wanted! The Ribbon Robber”.  It will be completed this year, and as you might guess, is about a purr-fectly sweet kitty who is also a stealth swiper of ribbons and hair ties and more. 

The original idea behind the “Most Wanted!” series was simply to entertain a young audience. Once I started researching why our pets do the zany things they do, I also discovered that some of those zany things can be harmful or life-threatening.  Gathering the expertise from our family veterinarian and other animal care experts, I’ve added a special section in each “Most Wanted!” book that teaches and guides us about the care and safety of our pets.

My hope is that my books will bring smiles and become much-loved, “most-wanted” favorites.  May you find these postings helpful and fun.

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